Killer Whale - Water Resistant Proof Kids Backpack (Kaito)

Meet Kaito, the splash proof kids backpack also known as PaddlePak! This killer whale backpack is perfect for adventurous little boys and girls.


Product Info

PaddlePak is a water-resistant backpack designed to stop wet stuff from getting in, or leaking out! Made from lightweight and durable material it's big enough to fit everything your little one needs for fun-filled days out and about, at school camp, parks, family vacation, sleepovers as well as trips to the beach or pool.

Recommended for ages 2+

Click to see PaddlePak in action!


Break away safety buckle Reflective strips Dry zip pocket Trunki Grip for sunglasses Water-resistant fabric Hanging loop Accessories loop Roll top closure Padded mesh back Internal dry pocket* External bottle pocket* * Shark & whale only


  • What size is Paddlepak? Paddlepak 17.52 (H) x 11.61 (W) x 2.17 (L) inches for Small range. For Shark and Whale the size is 19.29 (H) x 11.42 (W) x 2.36 (L) 


  • How much can I fit in it? Our tropical Paddlepak range has a spacious 1.9 Gal capacity and comfortably fits all your swimming gear. Shark and whale are a little larger with a 2.64 Gal capacity and have separate sides for wet and dry contents.

  • How water resistant is PaddlePak? PaddlePak was specially designed to protect wet contents from leaking through, and protect dry contents from the rainy day trips. It’s made from a treated fabric that doesn’t absorb water. In technical terms it’s water resistant up to 1,500mm water pressure. Although we don’t recommended submerging your PaddlePak in water!